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We offer Manufacturing, Designing, Prototyping, Sourcing, Quality Assurance and Packaging Service across, Food & Staples, Processed foods, FMCG & Nutraceuticals.

Discoverability & Reliability

Overcome the biggest challenge of finding the right and reliable food manufacturer for 3P manufacturing products.

Faster Launch Timelines

Go from ideation stage to final production stage enable by rapid and co-effective food supply chain

Revenue Growth

Achieve Revenue growth by launching curated products, optimizing supply chain for the existing products lines
and creating NPDs

Efficient Scale up

Align your on-demand production requirements while keeping inventory light. This enables improved working capital, hence better profitability.

Quality Standards in India
Quality Standard Certification


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Create new product from scratch.

Suite42 helps you manufacture curated product lines, personalized product mix and assists in new product development (NPD) right from product ideation to market delivery.

Food Private Label Service in India


Ensure Quality and Compliance at Each Step

Your production is guaranteed for quality. Our quality assurance process has vetted each supplier and ensured adherence to quality standards for each production run. 


Launch an additional product line for your business or outsource existing product lines

Suite42’s low set up costs and efficient variable cost of operations allow companies to place strategic bets without building entire teams in-house. Launch NPDs and scale from PMF to market with minimal efforts.

Beverage Manufacturer in India
Global Food Contract Manufacturer in India


Leverage Global supplier network

De-risking your manufacturing supply chain is imperative for business resilience. Suite42’s global sourcing network will help you build an entire new product supply chain at very low costs, saving production time and increasing your production capacity.


Track manufacturing progress

Suite42 enables its clients to get regular updates on their product’s manufacturing progress. This helps clients to plan and manage their inventory very well.

Maximize Capacity

Suite42 will cater to
manufacturer’s un-utilised capacity
and will bring demand
from Indian and International

Maximize Business

Suite42 will work towards
increasing manufacturer’s
top line by renting out the
excess capacity.

Maximize Profits

More capacity implies
better efficiency which translates
to better margins – therefore
higher profits for the

How We Work

Food processing service by suite42
New Product Development Service in India

What clients say about us

Pranam Stores

Bengaluru, India

Suite42 assisted in Private labelling at a reasonable price& uncompromised quality.Brand should give Suite42 a try in order to grow their brand & launch new products.

D A Supermarket

Bengaluru, India

Suite42 came in as a one stop solution for us with an attractive packaging , customized design of our own store, uncompromised quality and competitive pricing with market which gives retailers like us a good scope in margin.