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We Manufacture Products Across
Food Staples, Food Processing, FMCG and Nutraceuticals

    Suite42 is a VC funded startup that helps Enterprises/Brands access best in class manufacturing capabilities across India.

    We help you build and operate digital manufacturing supply chains for your brand. We serve customers across the lifecycle from Proof-of-Concept (Starter) to Mid-Tier (Growth) to Enterprise starting new divisions (Enterprise)

    If you are in the process of creating a brand or launching a new product – Contact us!

    Why Suite42?

    We build Brands

    Create new product from scratch.

    Suite42 is helping dozens of customers design, prototype, source and start new products - across food staples, processed foods, FMCG and Nutraceuticals.

    If you have an idea you have been sitting on, now is the time to act.

    Ensure quality at every step of the way.

    Your production is guaranteed for quality. Our quality assurance team has vetted each supplier and ensure adherence to quality standards for each production run.

    To understand more...

    Launch an additional product line for your business or outsource existing product line.

    Corporations find it hard to launch new initiatives, but creating niche products can be extremely profitable. Suite42 is helping multiple brands launch additional product lines for their business. Suite42's low set up costs and efficient variable cost of operations allow companies to place strategic bets without building entire teams in-house.

    If you're thinking of a new initiative, let's talk.

    Add or change supplier's for your product

    75% of companies saw supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19. De-risking your supply chain is imperative for business resilience. Suite42's sourcing network will help you build an entire new supply chain at very low costs, saving production time and increasing your production volume.

    You can add capacity, improve systems, build to cost and delivery efficiently with Suite42.


    Maximize Capacity

    Suite42 will cater to manufacturer’s un-utilised capacity and will bring demand from Indian and International markets.

    Maximize Business

    Suite42 will work towards increasing manufacturer’s top line by renting out the excess capacity.

    Maximize Profits

    More capacity implies better efficiency which translates to better margins - therefore higher profits for the manufacturer.

    How We WORK

    We work to give RESULTS


    Find Products
    you want to


    New Launch/
    outsource existing
    Product Line


    Request for


    Receive Vendor


    Sample Approval
    and Advance Payment


    Finalize TOT


    Place Order


    Production Sample


    Product Shipped
    and Delivered


    Final Payment

    Food staples

    Food Processing

    FMCG Industries

    Quality Assurance Food Manufacturer in India


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    Impressive Words from OUR CUSTOMERS

    Salam Walaikum! We have just started business with Suite42 in the pulses category. The highlight for us is it's our own brand. It's highlighting our brand over any brand. The biggest deal breaker for us is the quality; any compromise on the quality would eventually result in a red flag on our brand. We have not received a single complaint till date, we would like to expand and source across all categories from Suite42 and maintain quality across.

    AK Green Mart

    Suite42 helped us expand our portfolio of private labels by connecting us to manufacturers who produce good quality material at a competitive price. Their extensive network and the way they addressed our needs and grievances have eased our operations and has made this a mutually beneficial association. We would recommend them to everyone who is looking to launch their private labels / white labels.


    Co-Founder SuperK

    We started our own packaging and branding a few months ago. By the time we source the product, clean the product, get the packaging material printed and get it packaged most of us will be exhausted.

    Suite42 came in as a one stop solution for us with an attractive packaging, customized design of our own store, uncompromised quality and competitive pricing with Market which gives retailers like us a good scope in margin. Please check our packaging and quality for a better understanding


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