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Suite42 is a trusted Manufacturing Service provider in India. Experience seamless project management, quality control, contract manufacturing, new product development, and traceability with our expert contract manufacturing services. We provide end-to-end service from raw material procurement to packaging, we’ve got you covered. We are working on revolutionizing the global supply chain without the risk of traditional obstacles.

Our Services

Unlock your business’s efficiency and scale to profitability by leveraging Suite42’s expansive global network of production facilities. Say goodbye to the need for costly resources as you tap into our comprehensive suite of solutions.

Contract Manufacturing

You can elevate your business with our reliable Contract Manufacturing Services. While you focus on growth, we will handle your manufacturing needs with precision and expertise. Limited production capabilities hinder manufacturers’ business expansion and efficiency. Suite42’s contract manufacturing services help by offering state-of-the-art facilities, skilled professionals, and a seamless production process, empowering you to scale your business without limitations


Quality Control

Suite42 works to deliver excellence in every product. We ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction through rigorous quality control measures. Inconsistent quality jeopardizes customer trust and brand reputation. That is why we designed meticulous quality control protocols that guarantee that each product meets the highest industry standards, fostering customer loyalty and setting your brand apart from competitors.

Project Management

We provide Seamless Project Management from concept to completion. Suite42 provides manufacturers with an experience of hassle-free project execution with our expert team at your side. Our experienced project managers oversee every aspect of your manufacturing project, ensuring smooth execution, timely delivery, and effective communication throughout the process.



Suite42 works with manufacturers to gain full visibility into the manufacturing process for enhanced quality assurance. Many times lack of traceability leads to ambiguity and risk in the manufacturing supply chain. Our advanced traceability system enables you to track and monitor each step of the manufacturing journey, ensuring transparency, accountability, and quick identification of any issues that may arise.

New Product Development

Innovation is one of the core strengths of Suite42. With us, you can turn your ideas into reality with our comprehensive new product development services. Limited resources and expertise hinder the successful launch of new products. Hence, our dedicated team of product development specialists guide you through each stage, from concept creation to market launch, bringing your innovative ideas to life and driving business growth


Raw Material Procurement

Source top-quality raw materials while optimizing costs and maintaining consistency. Inefficient raw material sourcing leads to supply chain disruptions and compromised product quality. Our strategic sourcing approach ensures reliable suppliers, stringent quality checks, and cost optimization, guaranteeing a smooth flow of raw materials and maintaining high standards throughout production.

Packaging Excellence

Suite42 helps in providing high-quality packaging that protects your product and amply your brands. We work to enhance your product appeal and safeguard integrity with our superior packaging solutions. Our expert packaging team designs and implements innovative packaging solutions that works to captivate customers, elevating your brand’s perception and driving sales.


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Suite42 is the World’s first On-Demand Food Contract Manufacturer and one-stop solution for all

Unleash unlimited manufacturing capacity, mitigating risks and enabling agile responses to demand fluctuations.

Tap into our global network for raw material sourcing, safeguarding cost efficiency and supplier resilience.

Streamline your operations with our assembly, packaging, and distribution services, ensuring efficient product delivery.

Rest assured with our stringent quality control practices, backed by certifications.

Optimize material availability through our vendor – managed inventory system, eliminating stock shortages.

Efficiently convert raw materials into finished goods with our expertise in supply chain management.

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our dedicated project management team, providing you with regular updates on project progress and timing accountability.

    Suite42 offers a comprehensive range of manufacturing services that empower your business to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Trust in our expertise and industry-leading practices to elevate your operations and drive success.