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Food Manufacturing Companies in India

Food and Beverage Trends 2023

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving; and staying on top of the latest food trends is crucial for businesses to remain competitive. As more consumers become conscious of their impact on the environment and their health, we’re witnessing a shift towards more sustainable, environment-friendly, plant-based, and healthy options.

In this article, we’ll be exploring five food and beverage trends that are set to take center stage in 2023. From innovative plant-based alternatives to the rise of regenerative agriculture; these food trends are sure to shape the industry in the coming years.

So whether you’re a business owner looking to stay ahead of the curve, or a consumer curious about the latest foodie fads, keep reading to discover the top trends in sustainable and plant-based eating.

Here are the latest Food & Beverage Trends in 2023:

  1. Plant-based Diets
  2. Transparent Supply Chain
  3. Sustainable Food Packaging and Sourcing
  4. Continued Focus on Wellness
  5. Global Flavors

1.Plant-Based Diets

One of the most noticeable trends in the food industry is the swirl toward plant-based diets. In 2023, food companies concentrate on producing plant-based options with innovative alternatives to traditional meat products hitting the market.

What is plant-based space?

In this space, companies use plant-based ingredients to create meat alternatives. For example, food companies are using mushrooms, jackfruit, and even pea protein to create products that mimic the taste and texture of meat.

These products not only appeal to vegetarians and vegans but also to meat-eaters who are looking to reduce their meat consumption.

Plant-Based products brands

Even beverage companies are finding alternatives to producing thick shakes and smoothies. Beverage companies have shifted to plant-based milk, vegan chocolate, vegan ice cream etc. This ensures that all the people who are vegan have the chance to consume beverages which taste like milk-based products but are vegan.

 Major fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King have already started introducing plant-based options to their menus. As they found it to be the current food trend and we can expect to see more of this in the coming years.

From plant-based burgers to vegan chicken nuggets, there’s no shortage of options for those looking for a quick and easy plant-based meal.

2.Transparent Supply Chain

Supply chain challenges are fundamentally changing how operators source products.

The pandemic turned consumers to choose healthier products. This change meant that a long list of ingredients or processed foods was no longer attractive to consumers. According to research conducted by ADM, about 70% of consumers said simple, recognizable ingredients influence their purchasing decisions, and 66% said they’re looking for labels with the shortest ingredient lists.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics are identified to be the new emerging technologies in the supply chain.

With this advancement of the current food trend, innovative farming technologies have risen as well, whose main goal is to reduce the carbon footprint. This improves the planet’s lifespan with emerging trends in crop rotation, vertical farming, and plant breeding.

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Globally, people prefer to buy products from companies whose supply chain is transparent. In simple terms, people wish to know how their products are made, what ingredients are used, where the product is being manufactured, etc.

One another concept that is catching up in a transparent supply chain is Clean Label products.

What are Clean Label Products? These are products that have labels on them that primarily indicate ingredients that are not present in the product. You might have noticed labels like ‘free from’. These claims mean that products could be sugar-free, no preservatives, no coloring, etc. These label products are added to fulfill customer’s desire to have less processed products and include a short ingredient list.

Keeping this in mind, Suite42 aims to revolutionize the global food supply chain. We not only want to keep this transparency for customers but also for enterprises. Hence we have designed a unique solution where food and beverage brands get regular updates on the status of the production.

The motive was to furnish easy traceability for brands. This gives an assurance of their product in the market. This also reduces the ambiguity of the quality of the product going out in the market.

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3.Sustainable food packaging and sourcing

In 2023, there are many food packaging trends that food and beverage enterprises are looking to adopt. One of which is Sustainable food packaging.

Every day hundreds of single-use foil cans and trays are used to bag goods. Non-biodegradable containers straws and plastic cutlery used in food takeout and deliveries are wasted worldwide.

The most fashionable food packaging materials are convenient but harmful to the environment. Some of the most commonly used food packaging materials such as glass, metal, and plastic despite their environmental disadvantages are a popular choice for food and beverage companies.

Customers today prefer to use more sustainable products.

Sustainable food packaging companies in India

When speaking about beverage companies, some have transformed the beverage sectors by offering good environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

For example, British Garcon Wines has designed flat bottles made of recycled pet plastic that are 87 percent lighter than glass because of the novel shape and exceptionally light weight of the materials, the company is able to pack bottles tightly.

Sustainable packaging not only reduces the carbon footprint of the food but also supports local farmers and the local economy. We can expect to see more food companies partnering with local farmers and sourcing ingredients from nearby regions.

4.Continued focus on wellness

From the early 20s to the recent times one of the things that has changed is people’s mindset over healthier foods. Focusing attention on consumers’ healthy eating and strong immune systems choices, food companies have started manufacturing more nutritious foods. Consumer Packaged Goods and food processing companies are also switching to plant-based diets.

Food companies started manufacturing gut-healthy foods. This includes foods that are high in fibre, probiotics, and prebiotics. These foods promote gut health and can help with digestion and overall health.

Food Processing companies are using functional ingredients that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. For example, turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, while chia seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Businesses that incorporate functional ingredients into their products will appeal to consumers who are looking for food that not only tastes good but also has health benefits.

Food Manufacturing Company and Packaging Company in India

5.Global flavors

People are trying out more flavors. They are more inclined in tasting global flavors. Businesses that offer international cuisine are going to be in demand. Sweet and Spice-infused cocktails, astonishing global flavors that pack the heat, and red hot meat indicate the current food trend.

One of the global research conducted to test flavors indicated that people from all around the world love to try new cuisines and exotic flavors.

Global flavor trends also incorporate the rise of fusion cuisine. This is the blending of different culinary traditions and techniques to create new and exciting dishes. From Korean tacos to sushi burritos, fusion cuisine is a great way to introduce consumers to new and exciting flavor combinations.


To stay in the competition and ace the food and beverage market. It’s important we abide by the changing trends. With a traditional approach, our business will stay way below the line. Inculcating the changes is a costly affair but nowadays to keep the business cost-efficient, enterprises partner with good food contract manufacturing companies.

They assist with the right research and development of the product. They help with manufacturing and scaling of the product as per the demand in the market. Changing, adding, and iterating your food products as per consumers’ requirements is now easy and affordable.

Suite42 being a reliable food contract manufacturing company is focusing on all the food trends discussed above. They are well-equipped to help enterprises get the right information, launch a new in-demand product, source quality raw materials, and manufacture the product with attractive packaging. They offer all the services with reliability, focusing on achieving global standards for the products. 

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