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Choose reliable food contract manufacturer and food processing company in India

How to Choose a Reliable Food Contract Manufacturing company in India?

Choosing the right food contract manufacturing company is a critical decision. Many food and beverage enterprises are in a dilemma on how to select the best food contract manufacturer for their business. The resourceful partner will assist you with a wide range of benefits apart from just manufacturing and packaging; for instance, providing valuable insights and guidance on the overall market, segment, and the product.

This article will help you gain knowledge and get the right direction to start the selection process.

Where do you start?

There are multiple factors to be considered when choosing a contract manufacturer. It’s imperative that you hire the suitable one to face the competition in the industry. Production capability, project management, quality control, experience, and expertise are some of the many factors important to examine while choosing the right food contract manufacturer.

Along with this, it’s also very essential to communicate clearly with the manufacturers. Let them know about your product in detail, budget, timelines, and quality expectations.

Let’s have a look at all the factors:

1. Quality Standards and Regulations

Quality Standards are the number one factor in the food and beverage industry. That makes quality the most prudent aspect when choosing a food contract manufacturer. To be sure about the quality, try to ask for a sample before you take the decision of delegating your manufacturing to the company. This will give you assurance of the product that you wish to receive. Along with this, it’s essential to know if the parties involved in your project are genuine. To ensure that, Suite42 conducts due diligence of risk analysis on the associates involved in the project.

While we inspect the contracting firm on producing the quality required by the client, we must also look for quality compliance that the company follows. This is another necessary aspect to look out for when selecting the right food contract manufacturer for your products.

Often third-party manufacturers have the necessary certification but it is still vital to keep this on the checklist. This includes examining their quality control documentation, such as inspection reports and quality control plans. Some significant certificates are ISO 9001, AS9100 FSSAI, GMP, HACCP, Halal, and USFDA. Efficiency in maintaining quality is achieved by choosing the best food contract manufacturer.

Suite42, a trustworthy food contract manufacturing company, ensures high-quality manufactured products. They also assist their clients in finding trusted suppliers for raw materials, as raw materials contribute to producing a good quality product.

Check out the food categories that Suite42 caters

Suite42 provides quality assurance in every project

2. Risk management:

The crucial factor that comes up while hiring a food contract manufacturer is their work history. Work history will give an idea of how well they are equipped with managing risk. Risk Management comes with the right experience and expertise.

Some complex food manufacturing requires high potential skills to provide the best products to their clients. Sometimes production faces obstacles, and only an experienced manufacturer will have an understanding of how to deal with these scenarios. That is why a food contract manufacturer should have experience in the industry. A reliable food contract manufacturing company in India can prove its experience and expertise through customer testimonials and previous work. This will help you define the contracting companies’ core competencies.

Providing services from food manufacturing to food packaging shows the potential to work from scratch to the final product delivery. Look for companies that can provide an end-to-end solution. That way the overall cost efficiency is maintained.

A one-stop solution food contract manufacturer has an advantage over many other manufacturing operations, such as pricing, scaling of operations, manpower, etc.

3. Confidentiality:

It is always recommended that third-party manufacturing should have strong confidentiality policies.

Always ask for non-disclosure agreements (NDA), this keeps the clients safe from all situations. A good food manufacturer should be willing to sign the agreement which ensures the protection of the information of both parties.

Suite42, in this aspect, maintains utmost discipline as they focus on all the key points to ensure their clients feel safe and content.

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4. Capability:

Food and beverage brands should seek out food contract manufacturing companies that have the required capabilities to fulfill the demand. Any company you choose should have the latest equipment to execute your project efficiently.

Just as Suite42, a food contract manufacturing platform in India, is partnered with manufacturers well equipped with the latest technology, processes, and an experienced team to carry out the processes.

5. Communication, Collaboration and Documentation

The next factor to put under scrutiny is Communication.

As you outsource your manufacturing, the entire process relies upon good communication. Look out for clear communication while you have your discussion with the food contract manufacturing team. Try to keep an eye out for any comments on communication in their feedback or testimonials.

During this process, try to understand their efficiency in keeping you in the loop for any updates and how they perform their work. Audit their communication plans, escalation process, and collaboration culture. This involves evaluating their willingness to work with you to find solutions to problems and their ability to provide timely and accurate information. This mechanism has to provide relief to your internal team, instead of pouring extra stress.

The history of communication and breakdown of the food manufacturing firms are also to be considered.

Getting an idea of how the work will be documented is needful. This way you and the contracting firm will always be on the same page.

 Suite42 has set up a good communication system for its clients. An additional service to help the brands through progress tracking.  Progress Tracking is a way to notify clients of the stage-wise updates of the products. This way the brands can estimate when their products will reach and accordingly manage their sales in advance. This also helps their brands boost their food product sales.

Suite42 provides quality assurance in every project


Any disruption in the manufacturing supply chain will result in the stoppage of product manufacturing. So you need to take a look at the manufacturer’s performance, core capabilities, experience, financial stability, etc before you make a decision of trusting them with your job work. Review the potential partner’s website for customer testimonials. This will help you understand better.

After evaluating your potential partners for the above-mentioned factors, you should be in a firm place to make your decision. Contract Manufacturing is primed to grow. Food and Beverage companies that are willing to grow as well, should partner with a good manufacturing company. With accurate due diligence, research, and communication, you can put together an agreement to set both companies towards growth.

While the checklist items we’ve discussed are essential, there are other points to study as well. These may include the manufacturer’s environmental and social responsibility policies, intellectual property protection measures, and overall reputation in the industry. It’s important to evaluate all of these factors to ensure that you’re making an informed decision.

Suite42 has been a reliable food contract manufacturing platform for many in the industry. They work with enterprises operating in Agri-Commodities, Food Ingredients, Processed Foods, and Nutraceuticals.

Different services they provide: Private Label, Design, Prototyping, Sourcing, Quality Assurance & Packaging.

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