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5 Powerful Cost-Saving Tactics for Lean Food Production

The food manufacturing industry plays an important role in the global economy. It provides employment and supplies food to people around the world. In spite of that, a food manufacturer faces major hurdles like high cost of food production. To have a competitive advantage, it has become necessary for food manufacturers to reduce their overall cost of production.

Cost-saving tactics can help food manufacturers achieve efficiency without trading-off on quality and safety. Increase in availability and affordability can lead to increase in demand for food products through reduction in the cost of processed food manufacturing.

Let’s explore some strategies that can be used to reduce cost in the food manufacturing industry as well as understand the importance of cost reduction.

Importance Of Cost Reduction In Food Production

Reduction in the cost of food manufacturing is essential as it has a pivotal influence on profit margins. Implementing cost-saving tactics can help processed food manufacturing companies to offer competitive prices to their consumers. This can stimulate demand and increase sales. Reducing the production cost can help food manufacturers allocate resources and funds towards research and development or other necessary areas of production.

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Reducing the production cost not only contributes to financial viability but also promotes sustainable practices which have gained a lot of importance in today’s environmentally conscious society. With effective cost-saving strategies, food manufacturers can minimize wastage and energy consumption.

Processed food manufacturing companies can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute actively towards a sustainable future. Engaging in sustainable practices not only benefits the environment but also enhances the reputation of a processed food manufacturing company which can in turn attract environmentally conscious consumers and subsequently boost their product sales.

Key Areas Where The Most Significant Cost Saving Can Be Achieved.

There are various key areas where substantial costs can be saved in the food manufacturing industry. Here are the primary areas by which significant production cost reduction can be achieved:

1. Raw materials

Raw materials play a pivotal role in driving the cost in the processed food manufacturing industry. Food manufacturers can achieve substantial reduction in production cost by implementing effective inventory management strategies, negotiating favorable prices with suppliers, and minimizing waste. Contract manufacturing in food and raw materials can also be a cost saving technique.

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Labor costs represent a notable expense in the food manufacturing industry. Food manufacturers are nowadays leveraging technology, automation, and robotics to streamline the production process. Food manufacturers are adapting to lean manufacturing techniques to develop optimum efficiency. They are engaging in improving employee training to increase productivity and reduce the need for additional staff.


Food Manufacturer opt for sustainable energy for production

Another significant financial burden in the food manufacturing industry is energy.

Food manufacturers can invest in renewable energy and update to energy saving equipment to reduce consumption. This can help reduce the cost of food manufacturing.


Food manufacturers have a significant packing cost. Manufacturing companies are actively searching for alternative packaging material, implementing waste reduction measures which can lead to further cost savings. There are various contract manufacturers in the food industry who provide packaging services. Opting for a reliable third party manufacturing service can help you reduce the manufacturing cost significantly.

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5. Supply Chain

Optimization of the supply chain can result in sizable cost savings for manufacturers. This can be done by reducing transportation costs, optimizing inventory, minimizing storage expenses, and improving the overall supply chain efficiency.

To sum up, by understanding and focusing on these key cost drivers and implementing effective cost-reduction strategies, manufacturers can improve their profitability, competitiveness, and sustainability.Third Party Food Manufacturer in India

Cost-Saving Production Techniques

Food manufacturers can reduce the cost of food manufacturing and increase profits by implementing various cost saving production techniques. Below are a few cost saving techniques that can help reduce cost .

1. Lean Manufacturing 

Lean manufacturing is a cost-saving production technique that concentrates on eliminating waste and carrying out processes in an optimum manner. Food manufacturers can streamline processes and reduce non-value adding activities to increase productivity by adapting to lean manufacturing.

2. Automation

With increasing technological advancement, automation was developed as a cost saving tactic for processed food manufacturing. Food manufacturers are making use of robots and machines on repetitive tasks.This can help food manufacturers reduce the processing time and increase efficiency.

3. Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing

JIT is a cost saving production technique that involves production as needed which can minimize cost and inventory levels.This technique can help food manufacturers reduce waste, improve efficiency and eliminate the risk of obsolescence.

4. Continuous Improvement

Food manufacturers can continuously review and optimize the production process. Continuous improvement is a technique where one can minimize downtime, improve quality and reduce waste.This technique can help food manufacturers achieve efficiency

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5. Outsourcing

Food manufacturers can engage with external supplies and contractors for specific tasks. They can find a reliable third party food manufacturers to help them with the entire process of manufacturing and packaging. Outsourcing can reduce the capital investment of a food manufacturer on equipment, labor, maintenance and other processes.There are various companies for food contract manufacturing in India that provide various packaging, logistics and inventory services .

Implementing such cost saving techniques and resorting to contract food manufacturing can help food manufacturers achieve their desired result. Suite42 is one of the most opted 3p food manufacturer in india

How to Optimize the Production Process, Reduce Waste And Improve Efficiency?

1. Standardize processes

Clear procedures and processes can be established for each task. Food manufacturers can train their human force for these procedures. Reduction in variability, improvement in quality and reduction in waste can be achieved through standardized processes.

2. Quality Control Measures

Quality control plays a crucial role in every industry. Food manufacturers can prevent defects and maintain standard quality of the products through regular testing and inspection. We must keep some basic measure to ensure the quality. Have dedicated team or exercise for the same.Quality Measure is one of the important task by suite42 for their clients

3. Inventory Management Techniques

Food manufacturers can achieve efficiency and reduce waste by implementing inventory management techniques. Risk of wastage through overstocking or under stocking can be reduced through this techniques.

4. Monitor Equipment Performance

Food manufacturers can track and regularly monitor and maintain equipment through technological advancement. Equipment breakdown and malfunction can be avoided through regular maintenance. An efficiently function equipment can reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Upgrading technology can help. Yes, its is an investment to incur but will reduce all the extra and regularly incurring expenses due to quality defects.

5. Reduction in Packaging waste

It is necessary for food manufacturers to optimize packaging by using eco-friendly material and optimal process to reducing waste.This can help food manufacturers achieve reduction in cost of food manufacturing and have a competitive edge in the food manufacturing industry.

There are various food manufacturing companies that have successfully implemented these strategies and achieved cost-saving.

Examples of companies that have successfully implemented these techniques and achieved cost savings.

1. Nestlé.

Lean manufacturing technique was implemented by Nestle along with inventory management to boost efficiency and reduce wastage. These strategies have resulted in significant cost savings for Nestlé and have improved their profit margins.

2. PepsiCo.

PepsiCo has invested in robotics and automation to streamline its production process, which has in turn improved efficiency and reduced labor costs. PepsiCo has also implemented a continuous improvement program to eliminate inefficiency and achieve cost savings.

3. Tyson foods

Tyson Foods has executed a data-driven approach that will optimize its production process and reduce wastage. Tyson Foods is analyzing and collecting data on product performance and quality control. They have been able to identify key areas of improvement which have optimized their operations.

4. Kellogg Company

Kellogg’s company has adopted sustainability programs to reduce wastage and improve its environmental footprint. Kellogg’s company is using eco-friendly materials and is focused on reducing packaging waste. They are optimizing transportation and distribution processes which have enhanced sustainability and resulted in a reduction in cost of food manufacturing.

These are a few cost-saving tactics along with a few specimens of companies who have implemented these strategies to achieve production cost reduction.


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